Kaymet: luxury trays made in London

At a glance

A serving tray worthy of becoming a permanent fixture in your house? Look no further than British brand Kaymet. Originally an aluminum manufacturing specialist, the company reinvented itself by creating trays which are so sleek, their functionality takes a back seat. The Rimowa of trays perhaps? Now to choose between the retro or minimalist model…

› 4-Reasons to love it

– Durable: a product so well-constructed that it will last for years. As a consequence, you have to choose the right one, otherwise you have to go for several ones if you like to change!

– Architectural design: no detail is overlooked in this flawless object. The material and lines are all meticulously selected for optimal product design and performance.

– Luxury for all: the durability of this object makes it an affordable luxury for most.

– Made in England: the factory is still located in Peckham in London.

› The story

After World War II, an aluminum company specialized in manufacturing radars and metal boxes reinvents itself into a maker of trolleys and trays, changing their name to “Kaymet” along the way. After a British festival in 1951, Kaymet’s products gained popularity particularly for their use during Afternoon Teas – apparently even in Buckingham Palace!

Kaymet remained a family business for over 67 years and the founder’s son, Ken Shreiber, still acts as General Manager. In 2013, Mark Brearley and his brother joined the company. The story goes that Mark stumbled into contact with Kaymet whilst looking for a gift for his wife. Which funnily enough, ended up becoming his own company!

› Le petit je ne sais quoi 

We are particularly enchanted by this colorful collection, with its gold handles. An easy way to add a touch of Art Deco to your interior design.


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