Maison Tamboite: Luxury Parisian bicyles

At a glance

From a purely aesthetic view, Maison Tamboite bicycles are simply stunning. The lines are pure, and shapes are accented with sleek, polished wood, much like a luxury Riva yacht. One might even say that the Tamboite is the Riva of the bicycle world. What’s attractive too, is it’s ambiguous blending of retro and futuristic styles. Beyond visuals, the Tamboite bicycle is near technologically perfect and known for excellent performance.

4-Reasons to love it

– 100% custom-made: you don’t buy a Tamboite the same way you would a traditional bicycle. First, the team measures nearly all aspects of your body, including leg and arm length to ensure a maximum comfort, like a tailor. Then you can choose between different ergonomic options that fit your cycling preferences before the bike building begins. Of course there are also choices of model, colours and additional accessories.

– High performance: every design component is developed using the latest technology, including electrical mechanisms adapted to roads. All pieces and spare parts are made to the highest standard.

– Parisian Elegance:  some dream of driving a vintage car under the sunny skies. But nothing embodies Parisian chic more than cruising along the Seine River on your Tamboite, just like a local.

– Handcrafted:  each bicycle is made by hand in their own atelier in Paris’s 12th arrondissement.

The story

Maison Tamboite was created by a former artist more than a century ago in Paris. These bicycles have seduced many famous Parisians during the golden years. The atelier closed following the big industrialization of bikes during 70’s, but was revived by the heirs of the company founders in 2015. This artisanal family business was revived with the same original quality and spirit, but further improved with modern innovations and design. Today the brand remains fairly unknown, but deserves to be discovered as the symbol of French “savoir-faire” that it is.

Le petit je ne sais quoi 

At Maison Tamboite, it’s all about subtlety and hidden precious details. Which to us, is one the main characteristics of what luxury means.


More informations

Any purchase of Maison Tamboite bicycle follows a personalised process: contact us to get a privileged introduction to the brand








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