A delightful soup: does that exist?


› At a glance

Who thought that, one day, we were about to write an article about soup ? Such a boring topic…But we have to admit that this one deserve it: first, English soups are far better than French one. Second, this specific brand gathers all we expect. Tasty with mix of flavours, healthy with all-diets must have ingredients. And also chunky so that it can be, for once, a real meal. A new kind of comfort food?

› 4-Reasons to love it

– Tasty: the flavours make you escape, from English countryside to Asia

– Balanced recipes for all: organic, Vegan, no sugar added, with low fat and low salt options

– Handmade: products are still made in Soulful Food company’s kitchen in London

– Energy booster: Turmeric, lentils… all is made to feed your body and your soul, with the best super foods

› The story

Soulful food began with selling food on the markets of London.  The idea was to fight the growing cheap and processed modern-day food…with suitable and sustainable alternatives. Once they faced the growing and unbelievable queue in the markets, the company decided to spread its “soulfulness” beyond the city of London. It is now retailed on internet, and also in organic shops.

› Le “Petit je ne sais quoi”

Soulful soups blend many nutritional benefits coupled with a lot of flavour and texture. Unfortunately (or not), no excuse to grab a piece of cheese just after….you can’t claim you are still hungry after or sad to have eaten a soup anymore.

› Recommended by

Actually, we don’t know…maybe by you ? You have to test / taste it.


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