Delicate blossoming of elderflowers


› At a glance

Elderflower Cordial is a very refreshing beverage with a delicate taste, ideal for those seeking for an alternative soft drink during happy hours. Nested in the English countryside, Belvoir Fruit Farm produces one of the finest elderflower cordial within the country. It has kept intact his own recipe for more than 30 years.

› 4-Reasons to love it

– Is elderflower English ? From a French point of view, it is as this beverage keep unfoundable in any shops there. What a beautiful discovery.

– As fine as wine: not that hard anymore to replace a fresh glass of white wine when work is finished.

– Sunny warmth : the secret of its taste? to use masses of flowers picked in the sunshine when they are warm and heavy with yellow pollen.

– Natural and family run: despite the success of the firm, the recipe remains 100% natural. Every bottle contains about eight elderflowers, all harvested in UK between May and June.

› The story

From just 500 bottles 30 years ago, the business has known an amazing growth, celebrating its 20 million bottle at the end of 2014. Production has long since moved out of the family kitchen and down to the fruit farm, located on the beautiful estate of Belvoir Castle in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Belvoir has something French also, as its name comes from the translation of Beautiful view many decades ago.

› Le petit je ne sais quoi 

We have tasted Belvoir Elderflower with a nice French Champagne. It’s sounds like a great Befurk drink: happy to both celebrate France and UK !

› Recommended by

You can find it almost everywhere in England now, also in high range London stores such as Fortnum & Masons and Harvey Nichols.


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