Black to basics ?

› At a glance

The White Company is a brand we love for its unique concept: the colour white. Everything is related to comfort and well-being, from its bath products to its timeless clothing range.

You feel stressed ? too busy in your head ? Go there, you will reconnect with basics, purity and peaceful mind.

› 4-reasons to love it

– Original concept: building a business around an idea of colour is audacious. But it works.

– Dare to cocoon: staying at home can be sexy and attractive too…think cosy!

– Good products for good living : every product is well sourced.

– Fully british: I’ve never seen that brand outside the UK !

› Background and story

The brand was created by Chrissie Rucked over 20 years ago. Mum of four, she didn’t find well-designed and beautiful white bed linen anywhere… So she came up with her own the idea of creating The White Company.

› Le “Petit je ne sais quoi”

What is quiet is inspiring… I like to come back to essentials and comfort as it helps me to achieve a peaceful mind and a creative freedom. I particularly appreciate their Lemon and Vervena cosmetics.

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