TEA-TIME with… Claire de Belloy

Claire, French in London
Singer - Music
Last album: "Happiness is a choice"


Claire de Belloy, usually called “Queen Clairie”, is a young talented singer who lives in London. She’s been there for 5 five years since she has studied in the famous Guilford School of Acting, reason why she came in England. She realised her preference for the music which, according to her, is the best way for her to express her deep feelings and to find answers. Last summer, she’s recorded her new songs with her team in the South of France on the following theme: “happiness is a choice”.

How looks like an ideal day in London for you ?

I wake up quite early and, until 9.00 am, I use to listen music and to write songs. Later I like to play piano and to compose. I tend to take a lunch break in different places.  I like to have drink in the evening in original places such as Cahoots, which immerges you in a vintage atmosphere. An ideal day also generally includes the visit of a museum or a walk in a park… in fact, the best way to feel out of london !

What are your 4 favourite british brands in the lifestyle area ?

I don’t shop as much in London as all my expenses go in my music projects. The thing I appreciate in english culture is to go in the Pub and have an Ale Beer! Otherwise I rather focus on moments better than products, I live “A la débrouille” as we say in French. I like to absorb the cosmopolitan spirit of the London.

Let’s cross the Channel to go to France: what would you bring back in your bag ?

I bring back a good bottle of white or red wine. I also take some cheese when I can, as it is not the most suitable for the luggages.

Which feature inspire you the most in London?  

I think it is the perpetual activity of the city, it moves all the time… I luse to look at the faces in the underground. We feel that here, everything is possible. It is the city of opportunities.

Your favorite place to be creative in London ?

I can come back to my previous points: the undergound and the pubs!

An emerging trend you are feeling ?

In the music and probably in a broader point of view, people will more and more favour help between them, to go beyond consumption. I strongly believe in talent sharing.

Last but not least….

Draw something which could symbolize you or your current mood ?



To discover Queen Clairie’s songs:


Interview led on the 7th June 2016 by Hélène.
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