Valentina, Italian in Paris

CEO and Art Director/ Borgo Delle Tovaglie - Interior Design

About : Valentina Muggia is leading the originally family-run company Borgo Delle Tovaglie with her husband Giuliano. Their universe is dedicated to interior wellbeing, with delicate linen in full range of colours. They have opened a new concept store in Paris, in the Bohemian Chic 11th district, mixing interior design and restaurant. They share their lifestyles mixing France and Italy with us.

How looks like an ideal day in Paris for you ?

My life is shared between the italian countryside and France, as my mother is French. When I am in Paris, I get up in the 3rd Floor of my shop and go out for a walk in the morning. I like looking at the french people, seeking for cultural differences with Italian. I usually stop in a “Bistrot” to have a coffee.Now the day can begin!

What are your 4 favourite French brands in the lifestyle area ?

I like going to Les Petites Parisiennes for Shoes and to Miller for handbags. They both have high quality products with plenty of colors. Hard to resist. For clothes, I like Maje and I mostly focus on the quality of fabrics such as cotton for instance. To keep in touch with the french lifestyle, I go to Bon Marché also. In the food area, I use to buy cans of Sardines and for the most traditional side, Foie gras also.

Let’s cross the Channel to England, what would you bring back in your bag ?

It sounds not very original but I usually buy some tea. I’m passionated by fabrics in England so I bring back some samples or pieces I’ve been inspired by. I like to buy a Barbour, considering my attraction for technical clothes. I also always use to buy some flowers to decorate the appartment where I use to stay in London. I quite appreciate walking in Notting Hill otherwise.

Which feature inspire you the most in Paris?  

I would say the Big Avenues and the sense of detail of Paris architecture. Paris is also embodied by the small shops at every corner and also the Parisian themselves, with their cute jewels and natural make-up.

Your favorite place to be creative in Paris ?

I feel inspired when I go to Jardins du Palais Royal with Buren artwork. I also like having a coffee in the Café des Anges and going to dinner in Bistrot Vivienne. There are so much places to be creative in Paris !

An emerging trend you are feeling ?

If I  keep in my favourite field, I would share my feelings about colours to come: Dark greens and Carribean greens. Dull dark colours will be starring next seasons.


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Interview led on the 10thd May 2016 by Hélène.

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