Haeckels, body and soul new lab

› At a glance

Haeckels is a beautiful discovery… a range of handcrafted fragrances and beauty products, all issued from Margate in Kent. They all use seaweed or ressources from the coast.

› 4 Reasons to love it

– Irresistible packagings: a hint of vintage lab spirit with a graphic design touch

– Unisex products: no matter the gender as soon as it is nice for both of us

–  Components: all the benefits from natural british coastal wealth with the best of anti-oxydant properties

–  Seaweed harvesting exclusivity: Haeckels owns one of the two licenses in UK

› The story

Its founder, Dom Bridges, was a film maker and graphic designer who turned into perfumer. He used to bring back some seaweed from the coast to his family kitchen, starting making soaps with them. His passion became so intrusive that his wife suggested him to go to business, moreover that her kichten was not enough available for her. He acquired the Lab on Cliff Terrace in 2013. And developed a whole range of formula.

› Le “Petit je ne sais quoi” 

You just want to clean all your bathroom from its existing products to make it clean, beautiful and give it a natural wave of these sea issued products. No need anymore to go on the high street to buy one more everyone already-have product, which most of the time come from far away.

› Recommended by

No information about that…but a selection of hype shops in Shoreditch and famous department stores sell them. For sure, they deserve it.


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