Battle / drink: A ballooning glass of wine?


A ballooning glass of wine?

Fill her up!

It’s Friday evening… After a long day’s work, everyone’s excited that it’s finally Wine-o-clock. Step 1 is actually making it to the bar counter, not an easy task in either France or England. Once there comes the even bigger decision – what to order? In France, the choice is fairly simple, since the drinks menu consists mainly of wines…and French wines, at that. Our English friends seem to have a more complicated decision-making process. First there are wines from all around the world to deliberate. Followed by which variety and what glass size?  125ml, 175ml or the super-size 250ml? Have no fear as even the smallest English wine glass rivals the largest water glass in France. Is the French “ballon de rouge” due for a size inflation? Or is there something to be said for appreciating more, when we have less.

Which glass would you choose ?

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