Wonderful escape

 At a glance

The mellow Alt-pop duo Oh Wonder  has began writting, self producing and mixing a DIY Album in their studio of South east London. The songs of this album, simply called “Oh Wonder”, are a mix between electro-pop and R&B. The first song has been released in September 2014. Followed by one song more each month since then to disclose the whole album. The success has been immediate. Take a break, and let you drive…by “Drive” song to start.

 4-Reasons to love it

– Relaxing

– Positive laziness

– Good mood enhancer

– Nice to escape

› The story

Oh Wonder is gathering Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. There were composing in the studio in the end of their garden and released one song a month. They didn’t expect at all they would culminate and make live shows all around the world several month later. . They describe it as a kind of funny story.

Le “Petit je ne sais quoi”

We feel lighter when we hear them. It can blow away every kind of bad mood to bring back happiness. It’s lovely to begin with in the morning…


A glimpse on one of our favorite song 

Power by

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