Vintage Flower power with Orla Kiely

› At a glance

Orla Kiely is a brand which make us travel accross time… We come back to the fun and glamourous style of 40 years before. Clothes, bags and accessories bring lights and colors in our everyday life. With a twist of revisited contemporary patterns.

› 4 reasons to love it

– Beautiful Shapes: you know, the time when women wear feminine and well tailored dresses…

– Good time, good vibrations: at this era, the economy was florishing…. and the fun was an art of living

– Blossoming flowers and prints: it makes me happy

– Textile design: there is a creative blue print which make it adorable…out of the hight street fashion

› The story

Orla Kiely is an Irish Textile Designer, who has worked in New York for a Wallpaper designer before coming back to London. She has created her own brand with her husband 20 years ago. In UK, she is now recognised as the “Queen of prints”.

› Le “petit je ne sais quoi”

This blueprint filled of joy and freedom from care has become inescapable and deeply emblematic: it perfectly embodies the british spirit and mind !

› Recommended by…

We can see Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, wearing Orla Kiely clothes.


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