Are you irresistibly attracted by French or British lifestyle ? Choose one, or mix both of them.

Befurk is a new inspiring magazine focusing on the most iconic British and French cultures, brands and people.

As a trend spotter, Befurk’s goal is to talk about cultures and lifestyle from a new and original perspective. And a fun one also.

All of our content will make you discover the habits, brands and people intimately linked either to the UK or France. Somehow or other, all of them symbolize the design, the know-how and the cultural values of these countries.

We pick out the best brands, whose qualities make them stand out.

Also, discover and involve yourself in the Battles where each country will express all its distinct and unique features !

Our community of French and English influencers – The Befurkers- and more largely our web users are invited to talk about their experiences.

You are also invited to share your point of view !

Welcome and happy to see you on Befurk.

The editorial team.


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