Sarah Mac Cartney, English in London

Founder of 4160 Thuesdays in London.


Sarah defines herself as a “Maker of happy Scents”. When you meet her, you discover how true it is. The story began in 2011 when she decides to to pursue her passion: Perfumes. Exploring scents like a big playground, she has now developed more than 50 fragrances. She spreads her free state of mind with a hint of humour and a lot of passion. Welcoming us in her lab in west London, she tells us a bit more about her lifestyle and things she adores and can’t do without.

Describe a perfect day in London for you.

I would include a ride in a Routemaster Bus, whose she appreciates the little “eyes” in the front. I would then have a good coffee in my workshop before playing in the lab. A nice day would also probably include a walk in southfield Recreation Ground and a stop for Japanese food at Natural Natural near Ealing Common Station.

When I go out, I like to have a drink, listen to live music and particularly to talk with people to learn new ideas. Spiritland near King’s Cross and Laurel Canyon are among my favourite places.

Anything in London you find particularly inspiring?

I think the RFA – Royal Festival Hall in South Bank- is emblematic of the new spirit of London.

Your favorite place to be creative in London ?

It is unarguably in my studio, in my lab.

I feel inspired when I practice Yoga also.

Can you name a few of your favorite British lifestyle brands?

Hotel Chocolat,

Liberty, the store !


But also…


Bon accord soft drinks (it doesn’t sound French?)

What do you bring back in your bag when you come back from France?

Détaille perfumes, from Paris,

Sens unique perfume, 

Le Bon Marché, for enveloppes and lipstick brands like T.Leclerc,

LT Piver.

An emerging trend you have noticed?

In my area, I think that Vegetables will become new fashionable fragrances.

Politically, people are drawing divided lines. There is a trend toward fear which stimulates violence.

Otherwise, regarding internet era, I think too much information and misinformation will reach such a level that anyone will be able to support his own theory, even if stupid or wrong.

We need education and smile…

And also more cups of tea !

Last but not least….

Draw something which could symbolize you or your current mood ?

Sarah in pictures

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Interview led by Hélène and Olivier.

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