Laffy Maffei Gallery: when art becomes digital

› At a glance

Laffy Maffei Gallery is part of a new revolution in the art market inspired by American Conceptual Art. Their innovative collection features promotes new lively medium such as video, 3D pictures or mixes between digital and real artworks among others. But perhaps what sets them apart the most are the 2 distinctive ways in which the artwork can be acquired: first, by buying intellectual creation divided into shares, or second, by ordering a fine art custom-made print. The latter is the only way for the artwork to physically exist.

› 4-Reasons to love it

– A rebel approach: Laffy Maffei Gallery proves that art and digital can be redefined together. Historically, the value of art has always been based on its rarity and the elite art collectors market. Now with digital innovation, artwork can be reproduced an infinite number of times. Shouldn’t this mass production bring down the value of these pieces? Maffei gallery argues that it should be exactly the opposite; and indeed, the more a work of art is distributed, the more an investor will receive.

–  A new vision: paintings were made for the previous centuries. In today’s conceptual art world, there is a separation between the intellectual property of the work and the actual medium in which it’s created.

– Cultural democratization: the artwork, such as a lively scene made by both a statue and a video, become part of your everyday life as a beautiful designer table standing in your living room.

– For all to enjoy: makes unique artwork affordable and within reach of most people. You can even become share holder of the art work.

› The story

The parisian duo Frédéric Laffy and Laetitia Maffei first worked together after having won a competition to create the Musée Passager, a mobile museum commissioned by the Paris Metropolitan Area Council. Both are passionate about all kinds of art, but nevertheless recognized most of the next big artists were digitally. This motivated them to launch an exclusive digital gallery in 2015, with the support of Paris Pionnières.

› The “Petit je ne sais quoi” 

At Befurk, we appreciate people who dare to transform the rules and participate in building the new digital era. Their gallery is very well curated and they can even assist in helping you find the perfect piece of art to suit your taste and means.

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