Green wave on dark chocolate

› At a glance

Green and Black’s is an organic chocolate brand you can’t resist. Its finest Trinitario cocoa beans give it an intense flavour. Their Thin Dark Chocolate has delicate squares and is our personal favorite.

› 4 Reasons to love it

– Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate from the farm

– A must have in any room of your home

– Completely irresistible

– And british !

› The story

The brand has been created 25 years ago by Craig Sam’s, the founder of Whole Earth, a pioneer ing company in organic food. He tasted a sample of cocoa beans, which was were immediately sampled by his wife. They both thought chocoholics would also delight in its flavor.

› Le petit je ne sais quoi…

We have a soft spot for the 70% Thin Dark choice… deep taste of chocolate without the guilt!


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